Make Sure You Want To Marry essay

Being married is one of the greatest decisions that can be done by a person in his/her life. This is a time after which he/she is ties with the opposite sex in the spirit of love and vows to protect and love thy partner for a lifetime. The duties of a person changes as he/she decides to get married at a certain period of his/her life. Nowadays, marriages are happening on early ages than before. The hope of having a better life when you already have a partner is one of the major reasons of this occurrence however not all stories end up nice and continues to marriage.

Some undecided couples end up parting because of a change in perspective in a snap second. Let’s take into account the story in “Woman who dumped fiance and ring must pay” where a girl cancelled an engagement after 10 days of the engagement party. The boy was so depressed that he wanted his girl Vicki Papas to be back and marry her that he begged again for the continuance of the marriage but unfortunately, the girl refused and decided to throw the engagement ring in the rubbish causing her to pay 15500 Australian dollars.

Even if justice came in the situation, it is still disappointing to the man that he was left hanging after preparing much for the big event. The good thing there is that the girl was taught of a lesson she deserves. Marriage is not a joke and must be thought a number of times before the sweet “Yes” is given to the person who waits for it. Apart from the humiliation a person can get after being left on an engagement, it will ruin some of a person’s perspectives in life.

Love is the greatest thing we can give to our fellows since it is the best proof that we are human who are capable of doing so. Let us practice loving by being true and caring how others may feel with our actions.


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