Machiavelli`s Concept of a Strong Leader. essay

Machiavelli’sConcept of a Strong Leader.

Machiavelli’sConcept of a Strong Leader

Machiavelliwas an Italian-born politician and philosopher who is credited forimmense contribution to the modern political science. Machiavelligrew up at a time when Italy had feeble political systems and wasconstantly attacked by other powerful nations in Europe like France.During this period, Alexander Borgia had just won the Papal electionthrough a flawed process full of bribery and went ahead to take thechurch’s wealth for his family. Machiavelli worked in variousgovernment minor positions before moving to Rome where served as thepolitical advisor to the Borgia family.

Machiavelliwas not happy with the situation in his country, where [politicalbickering was the order of the day at a time when Borgia family wasvery effective and maintained their power. Disillusioned by this hecoined his own political theory in what is called ‘The Prince’where outline attributes of a good ruler from his own viewpoint. Astrong ruler should have three ends to gain power, to retain powerand to extend power. To achieve this, a ruler must be ready toanything. Good leaders must learn to not to be good. Therefore, theymust set aside any ethical considerations of kindness, justice, andhonesty to maintain their power as well as state stability(Machiavelli, 2003).

Machiavelli’sideas were based on Borgias life where authority and stabilitythrived in corruption. His ideas attracted a myriad of criticismssince this was a period where people believed that God and suchappointed rulers had to uphold Christian ethics. Machiavellis’sideals are fit for contemporary politics where leaders are sopretentious, pretending to uphold Christian virtues but do thecontrary of what the virtues dictates.


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