Love and Relationship-The Proposal (2009) essay

Plot of the Film

The Proposal released in 2009 is an American film set inAlaska. It was written by Peter Chiarelli nut directed by AnneFletcher. It features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds who are theleading roles. Supporting roles were played by Mary Steenburgen,Betty White, and Craig Nelson (Chiarelli, 2012). The film explainshow Margaret Tate, a Canadian executive learns of her deportationfrom the United States due to her visa expiring. She fights to retainthe position of editor in chief of the publishing house. Tate managesto ask Andrew Paxton to be her fiancé on temporary conditions thatcould resume their normal lives after she sorts the visa problem.Later, they fall in love with each other and decide to get marriedwithout any conditions. Tate informs Andrew that her deportationcould result in him losing the job as her assistant making him agreeto the arrangement. Andrew agrees to the deal on the promise that hisbook would be published while at the same time get the position ofthe editor after the marriage. The story ends by the two willinglyagreeing to marry each other as it turns out that they have fallen inlove with each other.

Analysis of the Relationship in the Film

Originally, the two were merely workmates with the lady being theboss. However, as it turns out, a twist of events is witnessed as itbecomes eminent that soon Tate, the woman would be deported back toCanada after the expiration of her visa. She decides to convinceAndrew to marry her as she processes her visa. Nevertheless, the twodevelop a passionate love for each other as is depicted with theyoung man. He professes his love for her despite having beenresisting the entire issue. The relationship between the two couldhave resulted in the development of emotional feelings because of thepropinquity effect. The two were initially workmates and because ofthe twist in events, they were forced to become close and get to knoweach other as a way of evading the tough questions to be asked by theimmigration officers. Because of the physical closeness that was inexistence between them, they develop an attraction toward each other.The situation is enhanced as Tate and Andrew travel to his home foran introduction. It is then that Andrew realizes he indeed loves Tateas she decides to run away. Further, the concept of attachment styleis imminent between the two. Under the idea of attachment style, theissue of fearful or avoidant is displayed. Initially, Andrew can beviewed as not being sure of what he wants. He could be declining toaccept the proposal of Tate for fear that it may not work. He isguilty and unsure whether it would work out between him and her boss.Finally, the aspect of the evolutionary theory of love is manifestedin the film. Andrew could be skeptical of falling in love with herboss primarily because the proposal is based on her need to secure avisa after which everything else is to resume as it was. Such couldbe a stumbling block for the two to express their love for each otherexplicitly.

The analysis of relationships by psychologists and their portrayal ina typical set up varies significantly. Aspects of exaggeration existparticularly in the media since it does not represent the actualpicture of what happens in the current relationships. The inabilityof both psychologists and the media to adequately explain the currentrelationship emanates from the fact that both of them are theoreticalin nature. The illustration of the concept of relationships bypsychologists does not reflect a typical scenario since theexplanation often given times fails to bring out what happens(Kelley, 2013). For example, in the film The Proposal, thecharacters are seen to get into a relationship through coercion andlater fall in love with each other. In a typical scenario, it wouldnot be possible to have someone be forced into getting into arelationship and expect them to develop feelings for each otherlater. The manner in which the two actors, for instance, got into arelationship does not represent a typical scenario in currentsituations.

Social Psychology and the Media

Social psychology and the media should explore an area of researchthat focuses on the success of long-term relationships despite thechallenges that are often imminent. For example, people have beenseen to be in a relationship for close to ten years. Socialpsychology could explore the rationale behind the factors leading toone being in a relationship for the long duration of time. Anunderstanding of such an area would be an opportunity to give anexample to the relationships that do not last long. The media andsocial psychology should work on the area.


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