Live and let live essay

Live and let live. Why do we always expect people to meet the standards we set for them to achieve? And make their lives miserable when they don’t? We expect people to act in a certain way to make us feel better. But on their end, do they feel better complying with our demands? Each and everyone of us has his own way of giving his best. No one person is the norm. We can not ask people to act in a certain way. They wouldn’t be their own person if they do so.

Let us make them live their own lives in accordance to the rules they set for themselves to achieve. After all, we would mind if they interfere with the way we choose to live our lives, don’t we? My dad has lived his life for all of us. But it was too late when I learned to appreciate the things he has done. The life he lived made me rethink my principles and the values I hold dear. Things won’t often go as planned. But everything happens for a reason.

Don’t make the mistake of not showing people how much you care and appreciate their very existence. You’ll never know when it will be too late. They have been at their best in the way they know how. Let us learn to love people including their defects. That’s what makes them human. Through him, I learned that life isn’t about keeping score. It is about who you love and hurt. Life is about how you feel about yourself. It is basically about what you say and what you mean.

It is all about seeing people for who they are, not what they have. Most importantly, life is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else’s in a way that could have never been achieved otherwise. Having known these things I believe is his legacy to me.


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