Literature & Workplace

Literature is the skill of the printed works that are normally useful at any given workplace. From the study, it has been noted that, different cultures have their own way of dealing with literature at workplaces (Christine, 1995, pg166). Thus, we can say that, as much as there are different literature forms among various cultures; these have been able to be focused on the different aspects of the businesses in the world as whole.

We are able to find some of the cultures addressing the issue of the literature in letter form as in the developed countries where as some utilises the use of the ornaments as in most of the African countries who have incorporated this in their many business as they are able to sell off their products as culture or even they use that to communicate to the audience on what they need them to be aware of about their goods and services.

These have also experienced some changes over the year in that the business people have began to modifying the forms of the literatures that they are using so as to suit the today market. With this, they have been able to utilize the use of the new technology that has come along together with the newer materials such as the use of the metals to create their sculptures form their business purposes. Through this, they have been able to address two elements of the change which consists of the discontentment of the current situation and the focus to better product.

Question (e) Other than literatures being from different cultures, it has also been proven to be from different times. These are seen when other forms of literature such as the use of the sculptures that were being used back in the ancient times still being utilised in today market to advertise some of the business such as those of the arts forms (Christine, 1995, pg168). Other than that, there is also the use of the music of which was used previously still being implemented to the advertisements of business in the today market.

Other than the utilisation of the ancient times mode of literature, there has also been some of the changes in the way literature is being used in the business, this has risen as regard to the change in the technology in the market of which has led to implementation of newer forms of literature to business world. Question (f) Literature comes in different genres, some of which may not be appropriate to address change in the workplace than others.

While in business, the use of the brochures and product catalogs and newsletters about the company can be essential to the organisation to promote their sells in the market but will not have the same effect in workplace whenever change is needed at the location (Holman, Harmon, Thrall, & Hibbard, 1986, pg 455). Here, the organisation will incorporate the use of the discussions, seminars, meetings or even evaluation so as to allow them get the level of discontentment of every employee and their expectations, together with the suggestions of strategies to be implement that may lead to change of organisation to the level that they need it to be.

Question (g) For any change in the business to be implemented effectively, there has to be the use of literature; which deals with communication to the market. This has proven to be more effective than many other ways to implement change in the business such as the use of power and gender in business.


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