Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse essay

Physical and psychological dependencies take over lives and it is with many of todays celebrities that we see whose lives they are being ruined by giving into their dependencies. Rehabilitation programmes are common and lapses are of the norm to these people. Further investigation into some of todays well known personalities may assist in the understanding of this issue. There are a number of factors that could be responsible for Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse. Her childhood has been slightly unconventional in terms of her parents and the unusual opportunities that she herself has experienced.

Lindsay was in the limelight from a very early age and by the tender age of 12 she was starring in a Disney film. Her father spent four years in prison for securities fraud during Lindsay’s pre teenage years, perhaps suggesting that she lacked some strong male influence and discipline. A further prison sentence in 2005 caused more unsettlement in the Lohan household, resulting in her parents divorce in 2006. In January 2006 Lindsay admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that she was suffering from bulimia.

It was not exactly a shock to many; Lindsay’s worryingly diminishing frame was evident to the world, her admission only reinforced what the media and her close friends and relatives had suspected for some time. (Vineyard, 2006) Towards the end of the same year it was reported that Lindsay was abusing the drug Oxycontin. Developed in 1996, is popular among Heroin users and people already addicted to other prescription painkillers. OxyContin, and its generic name Oxycodone, is a specific drug in the Oxycodone family of narcotics. Oxycodone is also found in prescription painkillers such as Percodan and Tylox, but the dosage is much smaller.

Oxycodone is similar to codeine, but is more potent and has a higher dependence potential. (Oxycodene (Oxycontin), 2002) Close sources to Lindsay disclosed they had on numerous occasions witnessed her snorting cocaine, popping a painkiller and washing them down with vodka. Further conclusive proof that Lindsay’s life was spiralling out of control and that she was becoming an addict. Friends and work colleagues attempted to alert Lindsay to the damage and danger she was putting herself through, warning her of other’s untimely deaths such as John Belushi and Chris Farley, both of which had died from overdoses.

Chris Farley Aged only 33 when he died, Chris Farley’s life was educated, diverse and more favorable than most. Having been a huge presence, in more ways than one, within the media, Chris was a successful performer on the small and big screen. However where Lindsay had a chaotic and unsettled childhood, Chris experienced quite the opposite. Raised within a close knit family and community, Chris was a bright pupil and went on to study and graduate in Communications.

Prior to seeking any kind of performance related work, Chris worked with his father at the Scotch Oil Company in Wisconsin. During the early 90’s Chris was spotted during his performance with Chicago’s infamous Ark improvisation troupe by Lorne Michaels, a producer of Saturday Night Live. It was not long before Chris was signed up to join the programme for season 1990-1991. Saturday Night Live became a platform for Chris and moved him swiftly onto the big screen, performing in films such as Wayne’s World and Coneheads.

(Chris Farley) It was perhaps due to his life moving and exploding into the limelight so rapidly that Chris felt he needed some control in his life. Being overweight was a bone of contention for Chris but this did not seem to hinder his drive or success. Sources close to him reported that he was undergoing weight loss advice but also noticed his drinking was excessive and he had started to use drugs. Chris Farley was clearly a bright, intelligent individual, could his possible genius have led him to abuse himself?

Could his larger than life character and hilarious personality hoodwinked others into thinking nothing was predominantly afoot? People who knew Farley said he was a very kind, decent human being whose biggest problem wasn’t addiction, but the fact he did not love himself. (Biography Base) Another sad and untimely death is brought to mind when we think of Anna Nicole Smith. Reading like a tragic rags to riches tale, Anna Nicole was first catapulted to fame when she replaced Claudia Schiffer as the face of Guess Jeans, and then went onto being voted Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1993.

She then met and married an ageing billionaire oil magnate. Having met J. Howard Marshall whilst lap dancing in Houston, Texas, Marshall’s family were quick to contest this relationship as anything other than gold digging. At 26 years of age, Anna Nicole married J. Howard, then 89 but sadly the billionaire died the following year. There followed a lifetime of battles with her stepson, E. Pierce Marshall who challenged Anna Nicole to her rights to his father’s fortune. (Inquirer. net, 2007)