Life of a Google Query essay

The life span of a Google query normally lasts less than half a second, yet involves a number of different steps that must be completed before results can be delivered to a person seeking information. Google is a global organization operating from numerous locations and being accessed by millions of users. It has multiple products but all products lead towards only one objective, the searching of information as conveniently as possible from a truly enormous database.

The term Strategic Planning refers to a coordinated and systematic procedure for developing a plan for the course and direction of the enterprise in order to optimize its’ potential in relation to its’ IS. This helps in clarifying quality requirements, improvement of architecture and documentation, early identification of risks increased communication among shareholders.

Considering the dynamism of the environment of the company, its many activities in different parts of the world, the political, social and cultural pressures under which it needs to make its’ decision, the Unbounded System Thinking or the Multiple Perspective Method is, as explained in detail later, the only appropriate mode of approaching an analysis of its IS strategic planning and design for the next five years.

A number of factors, socio-political, geographical, technological and economic will impact the planning and strategic design of the IS as shown in the following diagram and table and elaborated item wise later. Chart and Table showing various factors and their components influencing IS strategy of Google.