Life essays

Life is a gift

Life is a gift we receive when we’re born. Our job is to nurture it and lead a good life. Unfortunately, not everyone lives a healthy life. Some people are born with good genes; they look good, have a healthy structure and system, are good athletes and live a disease free life. On the other …

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Child’s life

1) The reason of why the patient was being seen. Little Hans had a fear (phobia) of horses which made life difficult in these Victorian times as horses and carriages were the norm for transport. Initial reports about Hans came directly from his family, mostly his father, who reported that at age 3 Hans had …

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Reflection on “Life of Luis VI” from “Codex Lindellensis”

“Life of Luis VI” is a panegyric writing by Abbot Suger devoted to Luis VI, king of France. It reflects the Medieval idea of a perfect Christian ruler, demonstrating Luis’s life and virtues in development. At the beginning Luis is a faithful son “illustrious and courageous defender of his father’s realm”. As Luis becomes king …

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