Letter Writing Address 1 essay



June9, 2016

Mr.Barbara Mason

RegistrarCalifornia University

UCApplication Center

P.OBOX 1432

Bakersfield,CA 93302

DearMr. Barbara:

Ihereby wish to express my interest in joining California Universityto take an advanced degree in Power Plant Technology that isavailable on the campus. This is because of the excellent performanceof the university in the technology related fields that has drawn theattention of the students globally. I would like to bring it to yourattention that I had already completed a similar two-year program atPierpont Community &amp Technology College before I decided to joinyour campus for advanced studies. I would like you to clarify thenecessary requirements that will enable me to qualify, at youruniversity, to take the course mentioned above. The clarificationwill let me know whether I am qualified to be part of the learners inthe school, or there is more I am supposed to do. Provide me with thedetails concerning the admission requirements to avoid ambiguity.

Iam aware that this course has advanced with time to make it itsapplication efficient and minimize the emissions that are released to700 degrees Celsius (Gandy and Ramaswamy 916). Kindly highlight to methe essential components of this course so that I will choose on oneof my interest.

Similarly,I come from a family of poor financial background, and this maycomplicate and interfere with my studies if I attain therequirements. I would like to know if the university offers anypossible financial assistance to the students who experiencefinancial constraints like mine to enable them to study without manyinterruptions. If the school does not provide any financial help tothe students, kindly advice me on how I can secure such aid fromelsewhere.

Ilook forward to hear from you.






Gandy,Shingledecker, D.J, and Ramaswamy Viswanathan. Advancesin Materials Technology for Fossil Power Plants: Proceedings from theSixth International Conference, August 31-September 3, 2010, SantaFe, New Mexico, USA.Materials Park, Ohio: ASM International, 2011. Web.