Letter to Boss about Working Condition essay

Letterto Boss about Working Condition


Iwould like to express my gratitude and pleasure for giving me anopportunity to work as a nurse at the center for special surgery. Ilike the doctors, patients and the other team of nurses. Myexperience has tremendously improved since I began working with theteam of health experts in this facility.

Nevertheless,I would like to bring to your attention some issues that have beenhindering my work efficiency. Mariela, who is incharge of sterile central processing, declines to do the job Irequest her. For instance, I requested her to sort and get rid of theexpired equipment and supplies that dated back to 2014.Unfortunately, she refused. I had to clean the entire sterile roommyself as well as dispose of the expired stock.

Ithen requested her to clean and resterilize the instruments, butagain, she refused and delegated the duty to Christian. AlthoughChristian agreed to do the work, he is not certified to sterilizeequipment. He needed supervision from an experienced person, but hedid the entire work with zero supervision. To add insult to theinjury, the instruments were left on the table for several days afterthe sterilization process. I requested Marielato put back the instruments on many occasions, but she nevercomplied. I decided to take matters into my hands. I arranged theinstruments back in their right places. I also verified theexpiration date of the supplies. I feel as if I have no assistancesince the room is often in a mess. Consequently, I am forced to cleanit up and organize the supplies personally. Since I sterilized theequipment, began tidying up the room and organizing the supplies, shehas become distant and unwilling to assist in any way. Each time Iask her a question, she just retorts, ‘I’m busy’, or ‘get ityourself’ or ‘I don’t know.’ We are supposed to work as ateam, but instead, I feel neglected and alone because she acts justas if she does not care.

Iwould also like to mention the case of Angelissa,the surgical technologist. She is rude, unapproachable and she treatsme with extreme disrespect. She does not listen every time I tell hersomething. For instance, I informed her that I did not want suturesor medicines to be given in my absence. I had stated this on thefirst day I began working here. Since then, she delegates the duty ofopening sutures and medications to Mariella or someone else. Shefrequently undermines me.

Despitelacking cooperation from some staff members, Dr. Rosenberg and I makea great team. For instance, today we accomplished a casesuccessfully. Nevertheless, the scrub tech ignored my request. Sherudely answered my question when I asked her whether she needsanything. Furthermore, she snapped at me that she needed the microablation pack because she had asked for it when I inquired the reasonshe needed it. I also realized that she is arrogant because sherefused to train the new surgical tech recruit. She deliberatelyrefuses to answer the questions the recruit asks her.

Ilove this working environment because the doctors are skilled anddoing awesome work. However, I find it had to work efficiently in anenvironment where the surgical tech attacks and undermines me. Iwould like you, kindly, to come and streamline my work environment sothat I can operate comfortably.