Letter of Intent essay

My desire to earn an MBA degree has been influenced by my determination to be more effective in the field I have chosen and in exploring ways of maximizing my potentials. In my undergraduate, I have chosen (your course) because it is in line with my interest. More importantly, I have been dreaming of pursuing a career in (course). But then, I realized that my educational attainment is not enough to be an effective member of the society in the future.

Thus, I found that earning masters will only be the way by which I can be fully satisfied with my achievement. Additionally, through MBA, the knowledge and skills I have acquired in the past would be developed and will enable me to do and achieve more. As an ordinary citizen, I also want to share in the betterment of the society. However, a limited knowledge will also limit my capabilities. Aside from that, at this age of globalization, there are various innovations introduced almost every day.

Such innovation has also potentially created competition. But by earning MBA, I would be able to brace the challenges of globalization and further be competitive like others. Remarkably, through an MBA degree, my confidence and potentials in contributing to the society would be far reaching and valuable. Notably, even before college, I already considered earning MBA degree is ideal that suits my career goal. As part of achieving my dream, I have chosen to earn my MBA at (complete name of AIU).

Despite hundreds of schools offering MBA, I have been attracted by the programs, facilities, and mission of the school. I have also considered diversity in making my choice. As for me, AIU is a perfect choice because of the presence of various students from different nations which would make it easier for me to build a diversified group of friends. Furthermore, I am confident that the school will help me grow like the person I have been dreaming of. For the abovementioned reasons, I hope that my intention be considered and accepted by AIU.