Lessons Learned essay

The recent episode with my classmate really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Being young and hot-headed, I did not think before I acted, and that was my biggest mistake. Mom always told me to consider what I am about to do many times before I actually do it, but that time I neglected to do that. I do not have any excuse for myself, and now that I reflect on my experience, I realized that what I did produced a negative impact not only on myself, but on my family and the community as well.

As for myself, I know that the way I acted during that time was out of line, and it made me feel bad afterwards. I know I should have restrained myself, but because of youthful arrogance, I didn’t, which made me regret about my action even more. I became more aware that I can easily become angered, which is why I must, in the future, put a rein on my feelings and try to keep it under control. My classmates do not look at me in the same way anymore. I know that I need to try and make it up to them; most especially to the person I have done wrong.

How they see me is important to me, as I do not want to spend the rest of the year always thinking that some of them may have been offended by what I did to our classmate, which is why I am now thinking of ways of how I could mend the damage that I have done. My family was the most affected by this situation. My mom and dad were angry at me when they learned of what happened, and they have every right to be. I know I did not act in the way that they raised me to act, and for that I failed them.

But it is with utmost resolve that I intend to prove myself worthy to be called their child, and if only for them, I will never again involve myself in any form of violence either inside or outside of the school. I love my parents very much to bring them any more problems and sadness. With this mistake comes the realization that I do not just live for myself; that I have a family who worries about me and who frets about the troubles that I enter in. My community was affected in a way, too. I know that how people see me has subtly changed because of my unacceptable behavior, and has made them more wary of me.

I do not want people’s perception to stay that way, which is why even if the community service was not compulsory, I still would have done it as a sign of respect for my community members and as a way of saying I am sorry for my misconduct. I discovered a lot of things about me while in retrospection of what I did, and I know that this will somehow help me avoid future offenses of the same nature from happening again. With all the thinking that I did, I came to know myself better, thus enabling me to predict my actions better.

This will aid in the consideration of all the future actions that I will take, especially in relation to how I treat my schoolmates. If in the future that I will encounter such situation, I would know better to keep a cool head and stay out of trouble. Knowing the extent of impact that my behavior has on people around me will make me weigh my actions more thoroughly. I know there is no turning back the hands of time and undoing what has already been done, so the best way for me is to forget the past but learn from it and become a better man.