Legacy of the 1960s essay

Legacyof the 1960s

The1960s is deemed a period of great victory by some while othersconsider it a great decadence. But what just took place during thisperiod that result in such judgments?

Oneof the major occurrences that occurred during the 1960s is thecontest of principles of freedom between the conservative and thecivil rights movement. These ideas were mostly spread in 1964 byBarry Goldwater, a Republican Senator during his presidency campaign.They included going against the welfare state, government regulationsand reducing taxes just to name a few. Besides, this period alsoexhibited the development which changed American politics. It saw thecrumbling of the New Deal alliance that was brought about by FranklinD. Roosevelt. Other developments encompassed conservativeChristianity that was highly associated with the Republican Party,growth of activist, reallocation of economic resources toconservative strongholds in the West and South, as well asconquering of the US abroad, some of the occurrences, which accordingto conservatives defined freedom.

Moreover,the 1960s was the time when the majority of Americans procured in awar against poverty considering that most families were experiencingan improvement in their living standards. Majority of them couldafford to purchase a home, go for a holiday, take their children touniversity and save for retirement. There was also a reduction ininequality and most people were optimistic regarding their nation aswell as its future.

YoungAmericans also embraced counterculture, a group of movements thatcentered on attaining cultural as well as personal freedom. Itinfluenced the American society, increasing its openness, toleranceand freedom. The period also saw the rebirth of conservatism. In 1968for instance, there was the entry of Richard Nixon in the White Housewho used the conservative language but adopted the welfare state.Based on the analysis, it is true to say that the 1960s was a periodof great triumph.