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I count myself as an extremely aggressive leader who seeks to getthings done without fail. In other words, the type of a leader that Iam is the one who tackles issue directly without fear of favor. I amthe hands on type of a leader who gets totally involved in the issuesI deal with. I am also the type of a leader who seeks to inspireothers and to work as the role model. Fairness is at the core of myleadership style where I listen to every opinion and take them intoaccount when making decisions. In the TED talk, inspirationleadership demonstrated my goals for a leader where I seek to inspiremy followers as their leader.

One of the challenges of effective leadership in the future is theneed to implement change in an organization that is resistant tochange (Iqbal 112). It is essential to note that change must occurwithin the entire organization and must be supported by allstakeholders. Another challenge would be working with a team thatlacks motivation. It is notable that there are people who are hard tomotivate despite the leader’s efforts (Richmond 151).

A stress filled situation that I witnessed at work when a leader wasunder pressure to deliver a product within a short deadline. This isa situation that put enormous pressure on the leader and he had tomobilize all the employees to deliver on the product. This situationwould have been resolved by engaging the best employees and thosehave proved to be dedicated to their work. It is prudent to note thateffective preparation for the product production would have avoidedthe situation (Glanz 98). This would have been more effective in thatit would have allowed the employees and the leader to work under nopressure and therefore produce a quality product.

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