Lecturer essay

Topic:CrossCultural Misconceptionsby Chandra Vennapoosa

Thearticle mainly addresses cross-cultural competence, cross-culturalconcept, differences as well as misconceptions. In regards to crosscultural competence, the article talks about the questions that arelikely to cloud an individual’s mind particularly in regards tofirst interactions with people of different races or nationalities.Accordingly, experts consider common perceptions, beliefs, behavioursand values as culture and have showed that culture is a process thatis dynamic and evolves based on various factors (Vennapoosa para 2).The article further explains that the cross-culture concept is verywide in scope. Nevertheless, it can be easy to understand crossculture as it already exists as a consequence of the interaction ofvarious cultures. The author reminds readers that it is imperative toconsider that regardless of contact with other cultures, the conceptof cross culture is not merely focused on the dissimilarities betweencultures. The concept is also concerned with understanding thesimilarities and the aspects that are commonly shared among andbetween cultures. When considered broadly, the concept of crossculture demonstrates that individual shares differences andsimilarities of other cultures of the people they interact withregardless of whether they are in the same cultural group or from adifferent ethnic group.

Thearticle is highly enlightening as far as providing informationrelated to cross cultural misconceptions. The author explains thatindividuals are not supposed to fear about getting their key culturaltraditions being dissolved in the process of interacting with peoplefrom other culture. Moreover, the article explains the variousmistaken beliefs associated with cross cultural interactions and howthey may affect the manner in which people interact with each other.Subsequently, it also offers some ways of dealing with themisconceptions that it addresses making it invaluable in regards todealing with the topic.


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