Learning Styles Question 1 essay



Mypreferred learning style according to the result of self-assessmentis a combination of both active and reflective. However, I am strongreflective learner than an active learner. This means that I have tothink about something or reflect about it some time for it to stickin my head. Further, I am a moderate intuitive learner. I prefer todiscover possibilities and relationships rather than learn facts. Ialso dislike repetition and prefer to be innovative. Am also a strongvisual learner, and I remember best what I see than what I hear. Thismeans I have to see diagrams, pictures, timelines, flow charts,films, and demonstration for me to remember more quickly rather thanget it out of spoken words. Am mild verbal learner hence, poor inremembering spoken words. Finally, I am a strong sequential learner.I gain more understanding by following logical linear steps thanrandomly gasping it without a connection.


Iexplained to my mother my four preferred learning styles according tothe self-assessment. She totally agreed with all of them. Firstly,she agrees that am a strong reflective learner. She said that I firstreflect about something before doing it hence, I normally come upwith the best solution. On the contrary, when I act beforereflecting, I often make mistakes and end up regretting.

Secondly,my mother also agrees that I am a moderate intuitive learner. Sheagrees that I am innovative. While I was in high school, I alwayscame up with new ways to deal with a situation. My mother also admitsthat I hate repetition, especially when I have to do some correctionson my homework assignments.

Thirdly,my mother agrees that a strong visual learner. She says since Istarted school, I along needed a textbook to follow along as theteacher taught. According to her, it is easier for me to understandmore by viewing written examples and follow them systematically,rather listen to the teacher as he or she explain them.

Finally,my mother agrees that am a strong sequential learner. Likewise, shesays that since I was a child, science and mathematics have been myeasiest classes because most learning is sequential. In a mathematicssubject, I can easily follow a formula to come up with a solution.She urges that I am best at following a logical list to solve aproblem.


Justlike my mother, I also agree with the four preferred learning stylesaccording to the self-assessment. First, I agree I am a strongreflective learner. I normally take some time to meditate onsomething for it to stick in my mind. I find it hard to understandand remember something without reasoning. Furthermore, I preferworking alone rather in a group because I always require time toreflect. In class, I always carry a book and a pen to take some notesfor future reference.

Ialso agree I am a moderate intuitive learner. I am an innovator. WhenI joined high school, I developed some strategies to use in mylearning. For any lesson, I would go through the topic of the daybefore the lesson. During the lessons, I would take notes as theteacher taught. After the lesson, I would take my time to check backon the notes. Reading ahead before the lesson gave me an overview ofwhat the teacher was likely to cover. Indeed, my innovative formulaof study helped me through high school education, and I still use itup to date.

Justas my self-assessment and my mother, I agree am a visual learner. Itis my norm to take down notes, use flash cards, and study notes toremember mathematical formulas and vocabularies. Ever since I was asmall child, it has been hard for me to learning by just listening tothe teacher, because my mind normally wanders way and I ended up notpaying attention. I prefer when the teacher uses visualrepresentations such as charts and diagrams to explain a conceptbecause they are easy for me to remember. It is difficult for me toidentify main points without a virtual aid or an outline. Verballearning is my weakest learning style.

Finally,I strongly agree that am a sequential learner. I agree with my motherthat science and mathematics are my best subjects hence, bestperformed. I find it very easy to follow a mathematical formula stepby step to the end, and finally, come up with a solution.


SinceI am a mild active learner, I should try to compensate what I learnin class by going through it after the lesson. In addition, when amstudying alone, I should read and understand the concept, rather thanmemorize because am likely to forget. Also, I should review that Ihave read, as well as think of possible applications and questions ofthe topic at hand. Although it takes extra time, I should continuetaking notes during lessons and check them later. As an intuitivelearner, I should always consult my instructor, and ask him or her togive me interpretations and theories to link with the fact in hand.In addition, I should also continue with my innovative thinking.

Asa visual learner, I should also be determined to be a verbal learneras well. This is because most lessons are verbally done.Nevertheless, some topics do not require visual interpretation.Therefore, for my own good, I should write down outlines andsummaries in my own words during class lessons. I would also createmind picture to pair up teacher’s words and ideas. Further, Ishould engage myself in study groups so that I can gain understandingby listening to my peers’ explanation. This will also improve myverbal learning style.

Asa sequential learner, I should be attentive in class to ensure Igrasp every step. Likewise, when I am doing my personal studies, Ishould do so systematically, or topic by topic, to avoid difficultiesin following and remembering. In class, when the teacher omits astep, it should be my responsibility to fill it.


Forthe purpose of my future career, I should work toward developing myverbal learning style to a greater comfort level. This is because,most workplaces use verbal communication as a method of instruction.For my case, I want to be a nurse hence, I will be required toremember all types of diseases, their cause, symptoms, andtreatments. In addition, I should also be in a position listen andunderstand patients’ complains. Therefore, to challenge myself todevelop this style, I will join study groups and make it a routine towrite down summaries and outlines in my own words.


BeforeI learnt that different people have different learning preferences, Ithought all students are the same. Now, I understand why somestudents are best in some subjects and poor in others. This explainsdifficulties that I experienced in my previous study groups. As avisual learner, I always found it difficult to attend history studygroups where everything was discussed verbally. I would notunderstand how other students would easily explain a concept withoutthe use of diagram or a chart. On the other hand, I enjoyedmathematics study groups while some of my friends said they weretheir worst groups. For me, solving a mathematical problem is veryeasy since I only have to follow a formula. It is later that I havelearnt am a sequential learner. In future, I will change my thinkingthat we all have the same learning preference. I will appreciateevery member of the team and try to help him or her where possible.