Learn theories essay

Success will not occur in a snap of a finger, it won’t just happen, and you will have to make it happen. If you want something badly you have to exert extra effort to have it. So far, managing my time has been one of the most useful techniques I have ever tried. I usually do things whenever it is needed soon however, I have learned to put things in priority now, to focus on what is essential, task that needs to be done today and things that can be placed on lesser precedence.

I was able to draw the thin line that divides doing your obligations and having fun at the same time. Now that I know how to manage my time, I often get stress and I have more time to do things I love doing. I spend more quality time with my family and friends. Since I was able to learn theories and concepts about managing my time, I started to put notes (post its) and reminders all over my room. I make it a point it is accessible so that I’ll be able to remind myself about my responsibilities before I go to bed and have it seen the first time I open my eyes in the morning.

I realized that it is good to be spontaneous but it serves as an advantage if you have a guide that will help you achieve your goals. What I need to do now is to continue what I have started, to keep myself motivated towards achieving success in all things I do. I look forward to see my own improvements and eventually learn new strategies that I can apply in my daily life as I go on with my experiences.