Leadership Tactics essay



Tacticsrefer to the movements and actions that assist in the achievement ofthe primary goals. Tactics differ from styles since tactics includeimmediately isolated actions that can be applied to capitalize onopportunities and improve the weaknesses in a style. Leaders shouldnot only know how to manage systems, but they also have to learn tolead people. They ought to formulate leadership strategies,techniques and implement leadership tactics whenever applicable(Lian,et al. 2012).This paper discusses some of the leadership tactics that are commonlyapplied by leaders.

Gofor small wins first

Thisis a crucial leadership tactic used to achieve the goals of thebusiness. Leaders ought to use this tactic to achieve the vision ofthe organization since it can’t be accomplished in a single step.Therefore, they have to set other small goals that add up to theachievement of the final goal that is the aim of the company. Thistactic is important in addressing the not invented here syndromesince leaders will need diverse information in the achievement of thesmall goals that they are supposed to achieve.


Besides,another critical tactic that leaders can apply in dealing with thissyndrome is positive thinking. Leaders are expected to discouragenegative thinking while encouraging other people to present anyconstructive, positive ideas. This way, they will get diverse ideaseven outside the organization that might be helpful in solving someof the issues within the organization (Dubrin,2015).

Sendingemployees to outside training

Thisis another leadership tactic that leaders can use to address the notinvented here syndrome. Typically, this is an efficient tactic ofdealing with this syndrome since the employees will get diverseknowledge when they go for the outside training. This knowledge willbe useful in solving some of the current problems that areexperienced by the company.

Getthe workers a break and get them involved in fitness activities

Leadersare expected to take into account this tactic since it is vital insolving issues. Typically the health of the employees should be givenpriority so that they can have the correct mindset when they resumefor work. Activities such as sports fests, initializing healthactivities and company retreats. Through such activities, theemployees are likely to interact with the employees of other leadingbusinesses and find new ideas that can easily be integrated intotheir organization to ease their operations (Roth,et al. 2016).


Otherleadership tactics exist and they can be applied to ensure thecompany progresses. Leaders are supposed to be role models andmotivate their employees to participate in the problem-solvingprocess of the company. Typically, through these tactics, the leadersshould be able to tackle the major issues affecting the organizationand ensure achievement of their goals.


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