Leadership Model in Practice essay


LeadershipModel in Practice

Leadershipis the engine of any organization when leaders are incompetent, theorganization goals are never achieved. Several scholars have,therefore, come up with models to address leadership issues. It isthrough the application of such models that organizations runefficiently. Yukl`s multiple linkage model is one of such models itwas first introduced in 1971, and it puts the leaders at the core ofthe organization. Yukl asserts that leaders should have gooddecision-making skills based on critical evaluation of the workplacesituation (Yukl, 1994). The leader should also be able to manipulatehis inert knowledge for the well-being of the organization. Themodel is not limited on time as it sets both long term and short termtime span, which is based on empirical evidence. In this paper, Iwill look at how to employ the model and the rationale of why I chosethe approach.

Applicationof the model

Yuklvests all powers in the leader (Yukl, 1994) as a leader, I willemploy several approaches basing on the models long term variables.

Onemajor variable within the model is the reward system. It is necessaryto structure the organization in that every employee’s efforts arerecognized. For instance, rewarding an employee for portrayingexemplary organization skills within the organization will lead toextrinsic motivation.

Improvingthe technology within the organization is also another way improvedtechnology not only favors the good flow of communication but alsoenhances efficiency.

Otherapproaches that a leader should employ include internal motivation ofthe employees, creation of favorable policies, and procedures withinthe workplace and evolving the informal practices at the workplace.


Inconclusion, the basis of employing this approach is needed for theleader to apply his interpersonal skills to make the workplace abetter place for others. According to Yukl, this is the idealcharacteristic of a situational leader (Yukl, 1994).


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