Leadership in Management Article Review essay

Leadershipin Management: Article Review

Leadershipin Management: Article Review

Thearticle is entitled Technologyand Healthcare costsand it addresses how medicine and the healthcare sector in the 21stcentury highly depend on modern technology. The main idea of thearticle is that medical technology has continued to increase in termsof costs, which has led to escalating healthcare costs and pooraccess to health care facilities (Kumar, 2011). The article isrelated to my career path since the issue of increasing health carecosts tends to affect all people irrespective of their career or theplace they live. For instance, everyone depends on sophisticatedmedical technologies for effective diagnosis and treatment of variousailments. Therefore, when most people are unable to access thesehigh-end technologies because of high costs, it means that thesociety will often be unable to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Thearticle focuses on the healthcare sector and the way leaders in thisindustry can enhance the reduction in healthcare costs. For instance,the medical world can adopt inexpensive and simple healthcareequipment that embrace modern technology to ensure that people canaccess quality services (Kumar, 2011). From my perspective, I believethat the article is positive in addressing issues associated withreducing the cost of healthcare. The author argues that adoption ofless-costly medical technologies can play an influential role inreducing the total costs of treatment. The article also enhances theway people of lower income groups can access quality medicalattention. I also agree with the fact that reduced costs of medicaltechnologies can be applied to the way healthcare institutionsconduct their daily activities. Such a strategy will enhance thehealthcare industry and the wellbeing of the society. In thisregards, the article provides a critical assessment of health careand leadership in the contemporary society.


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