Lake of the Woods essay

John proposes that Kathy might have gone somewhere else because the boat they used to sail in the lake was absent. She might have drowned in the lake when boat hit the rock. Or also proposes that probably in night he might have poured hot water on her face and she might have died. In the beginning of the story there are certain weaknesses of characters shown in John’s attitude. His early life abuse by his alcoholic father, his failure in elections and the Vietnam crisis all led to his inner dissatisfaction. John’s initial relations with Kathy were fine but gradually their affairs were affected by John’s frightened attitude.

He says one night he boiled the water and poured it over plants saying, “Killing Jesus” and this eventually makes him happy. But actually he poured the hot water over Kathy’s face as he mentioned it during the voyage with his friend in the last remarks of the book. John Wade and Kathy had not very good relations with each other. When he watered the plants he used to recite, “Fuck it. Kill Jesus. ” — John K. Wade (O’ Brien 67) Probably he killed his wife and drowned her in the lake. He also did not take interest in searching for her in the house until unless Kathy’s sister starts the search. ‘For us,’ he said.

‘I love you, Kath. ‘ ‘But it feels—I shouldn’t say this—it feels manipulating. ‘ … He talked about leading a good life, doing good things for the world. Yet even as he spoke, John realized he was not telling the full truth. Politics was manipulation. ” (O’Brien 35) He would say things that he would not do. John is the only person who slept with her on the bed. There could be two options. Either Kathy has committed suicide and jumped in the lake or John has killed her and thrown her in the lake. The second opinion contains more weight age. John was an emotionally abused child since is childhood because of his alcoholic father.