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Josh Mott email (letter) announcing EIS application opening forpartner association, organizations, and medical schools oruniversities


It is my great pleasure to announce that the applications for the2017 Class of EIS officers are now open. EIS is a specialpost-doctoral fellowship in applied epidemiology taken in 2 years.Right from 1951, more than 3, 600 EIS officers have been on theforefront of public health, serving as CDC’s boots-on-the-grounddisease detectives. In each year, 70-80 new EIS officers are giventhe opportunity to join this elite force at the heart of CDC’smission with the aim of protecting and saving people’s lives.


Upon receiving this email and the attached EIS recruitment flyer,please forward to your partners and print copies that you will poston the various communication or job posting boards. The flyerincorporates additional information and description concerning theEIS program, eligibility, and a link to the CDC EIS application page.In addition, there is the social media badge attached below, which Ikindly ask you to post to your members and social media outlets.Thank you in advance for your assistance in promoting the applicationopening for the 2017 EIS Class and reaching eligible healthprofessionals.

For more information about EIS, please visit

Sincerely, Josh Mott signature block