Labor and Monopoly Capital essay

In “Labor and Monopoly Capital” Braverman provides detailed overview of labor process in the context of capitalism. The author embraces the themes of capitalism, Marxism and job satisfaction. Moreover, he tends to answer the question what changes in labor process were brought by capitalist system. It seems that Braverman deliberately defines working process as degradation in the 20th century contrasting in such a way ideas and suggestions of industrial sociology predecessors. Braverman argues that labor processes were restricted by the rise of large corporations or, in other words, monopoly capital.

As a result, crafts’ needs appeared to be neglected and ignored. Management acquired full control over the production that aimed at surplus-profit for the capitalist system. In such a way, Braverman’s primary goal is to prove that capitalism has described contemporary working process to the point where reasonable working demands appear to insufficient and insane. According to the author, it is the Soviet Union that has to be blamed for adopting capitalist system of working process.

The related ideas are highlighted in the article “The Cost of Customer Satisfaction: A Framework for Strategic Cost Management in Service Industries”, in which Cugini, Caru and Zerbini stress the importance of job satisfaction and argue that capitalist system of work should be thoroughly re-thought. Company profitability is directly related to job satisfaction, and today researchers argue that job satisfaction results in higher and stable revenues. Thus, the authors oppose capitalist system that was merely concentrated on productivity instead of paying proper attention to workers.

Summing up, both papers promote the ideas of job satisfaction blaming the Soviet Union for adopting capitalist system of working process. Not paying attention to job satisfaction, the company will be deprived of ability to manage its activities. References Braverman, H. (1974). Labour and Monopoly Capital. New York: Monthly Review Press. Cugini, A. , Caru, A. , & Zerbini, F. The Cost of Customer Satisfaction: A Framework for Strategic Cost Management in Service Industries. European Accounting Review, 16, 3, pp. 499-530.