Kimmel’s essay essay

Kimmel’s essay discusses the common male perception of males and of manhood. He attempts to explain why men act the way they do. He points out that men live in a state of fear, the fear of being thought of as not man enough. Kimmel discusses that men sometimes end up pretending just so to hide their fear. They resort to things that they believe will make people think that they are men. Violence is one example of such things. Men think that a man who is willing to fight is more of a man than someone who walks away from a confrontation. Through his discussion, Kimmel is able to bring about a new definition of homophobia.

He points out that homophobia is simply not the fear of gays or homosexuals. In fact, as Kimmel wrote, “Homophobia is the fear that men will unmask us, emasculate us, reveal us to the world that we do not measure up, that we are not real men. ” Simple put, men live is a constant state of fear. They fear that they are simple not man enough. I agree with Kimmel’s statements about how men act and how they hide their fears behind seemingly bold displays of manliness. I have seen how being called a sissy or chicken has driven men to prove their detractors otherwise.

These simple insults have resulted acts of violence. Many bar brawls that I have seen have been caused by insults to a male’s manhood. Men seem to be in a constant battle to prove their self worth and more importantly, their manhood. Kimmel’s description of men has several implications for women. First, it leads women to a better understanding of why men act the way they do. In turn, this can help women in their relationships with men. Particularly, women must realize that men need constant reassuring that they are man enough.