Keeping the premises clean essay

Keeping the premises clean and tidy is an essential domestic element in all businesses and government offices. OSHA defined housekeeping term in 29. CFR. 1910. 22(a)(1) and violation of this section imposes severe penalties on companies and businesses whether it is a pathological laboratory or a factory or a construction site. OSHA emphasizes on implementation and practice of sanitation with the fact that, there are several hazards that can occur due to improper housekeeping within the premises.

Some of the best methods OSHA states in maintaining good housekeeping are viz. , non-slippery or non-skid floor, use protective gloves wherever required, use ladders that do not have missing rungs, keep all the electricity connections intact and do not leave any lose or half-hang connections open, keep away the debris and dispose off waste frequently. Advice all the workers to use safety equipment while performing cleaning activities or hazardous tasks.

Usage of proper tools for lifting heavy machinery, proper lifting techniques, placement of body positioning while performing cleaning activities are considered in the above referred provision. In the year 2004, OSHA penalties amounted to $160 million for violation of 29. CFR. 1910. 22(a)(1). It is important for the companies to understand that OSHA is contributing its services for prevention of hazards and in maintaining the health of workers as well to the working environment which is important in terms of health of a nation and its people.

Penalties are another way to not to repeat similar mistakes of violation of standards set by OSHA. Both small and big businesses have to adhere to the standards of OSHA and there are no exceptions in maintaining the standards whereas the inspection of OSHA representatives would detail about the housekeeping of an organisation.


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