Justice as an Ethical Principle essay


Justiceas an Ethical Principle

Justiceas an Ethical Principle

Ofall the ethical principles studied, the standard of justice is themost important. This is because justice defines the environmentthrough which nurses and health care professionals operate. Justicedetermines the basis through which nurses and medical professionalsinteract with both the patients and colleagues. Through justice, thenursing professionals create an environment of helping people equallyand accommodate their diversities in health care (Weiss&amp Tappen, 2014).The ethical principle of justice is at the center of thedetermination of what is good, what is right, what is wrong and whatis unfair.

Theprinciple of justice is important because it defines the distributionof resources in the health care practice. In nursing and health care,justice involves the provision of equitable care to all the people,despite the limitations of resources (Weiss&amp Tappen, 2014).As an ethical principle, justice creates a fair and equal way ofdistributing the time of health care workers. This allows nurses andother medics to appreciate their schedules and play their role in thehealth care environment. By creating equitable access to nursingcare, justice responds to the most basic principle of a healthenvironment which is the need. This is because justice creates ahealth care environment, where the available resources are equitableallocated to where they are needed most.

Moreover,justice assists in observing other ethical principles by enabling themaking of ethical decisions. Justice gives the basis through whichthe management makes decisions that determine the allocation ofresources and staff to patients and needy sections of a health carefacility (Weiss&amp Tappen, 2014).Justice also guides the management to solve the economic challengesof allocating scarce resources to the unlimited needs of health care.This management function is aided by justice at all levels. Theselevels include the operational level in health institutions,management level in hospitals, health care decisions at the statelevel and also administration of health authorities at the federallevel.


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