Justice Administration essay



Thebook Police, Courts, and CorrectionsManagement (8 edition) is an up-to-date and comprehensive versionwhich focuses on examining the relevant aspects and contemporaryissues relating to the administration of justice (Peak,2016)

Basedon chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8, I learnt that effective, fair andtransparent administration of justice by the police irrespective oftheir positions begins from their recruitment levels where thecandidates have to be subjected to rigorous and competitiveassessments so that the right individuals are selected. Equallyimportant, the police have been assigned various roles based on theirranks so that there is active and competent administration as aresult of the execution of their respective obligations (Peak,2016).Also, traditionally the job contract of the police chiefs was shortto promote the introduction of new reforms and also inhibit theaccumulation of power and influence.

Thepolice more often are faced with various challenges in their line ofduty. For instance, botulism, plague smallpox as well as terrorismwhere bandits and the terrorists are increasingly coming up with moresophisticated weapons and means such as bioterrorism. With theescalating trends of the terrorist acts, the United States governmenthas put measures in place to curb the same. Those mechanisms includeUSA Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act of 2006 and NationalManagement Incident System. Also, the police are confined toparticular rules regarding their mode of dressing and behavior (Peak,2016)

Ialso learnt that the United States court system has a definedstructure organization of courts and each of them has its owndistinct roles and duties with the U.S Supreme Court being thehighest and most Federal court. The courts are administered byvarious personnel such as judges and trained court administrators whoare either appointed, elected or nominated to execute theirrespective roles (Peak,2016).


Peak,K. (2016). JusticeAdministration police, courts, and corrections management(8th ed.). Pearson Education,Inc.