Julian Vallejo English 2A essay



May2, 2016

Breastcancer is a tumor that affects the breast it begins in the innerlining of the milk ducts. This malevolent growth has the potentialto spread to the other parts of the body. Breast cancer is dividedinto two the lobular carcinoma cancer that attacks the lobules ofthe breast and the ductal carcinoma cancer that begins from the ductsof the breast. Most cases of breast cancer are observed in females.Some of the major symptoms of the cancer include dimpling of theskin, a change in the breast shape and a swollen lymph node(Stephens, et al. 2012).

Thelobular carcinoma and ductal carcinoma cancers have the potential tocause adverse effects to the patient, family, friends, and society invarious ways. There are concerns about the rise in cases of breastcancer in USA, but with the right knowledge and mass awareness a lotof lives can saved. The paper aims to discuss some methods of makingthe public aware of breast cancer and later elaborate on various waysthat breast cancer might affect families, friends and the community.

Awarenessof the Public Regarding Breast Cancer

Itis critical to note that breast cancer is responsible for 18 percentof the deaths in America(DeSantis, 2014). As a result of the high mortality rate associated with breastcancer, it is important that we find preventive measures that canhelp save more lives. Therefore, it is crucial to enlighten peopleregarding this threat.

Oneof the major ways of making the public aware is through televisionprograms, print media and use of the social media. It is evident thatin the 21st century, the use of the social media has become a norm insociety. Therefore, using the social media pages on Facebook,Pinterest, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter among others is crucialfor reaching a greater multitude of people and creating awareness.Also, the use of print media and television programs are essentialfor creating public awareness (Stephens, et al. 2012).

Awarenesscan also be set up in public forums. Brochures can be printed anddistributed, in these forums listing various ways one can contractbreast cancer to make the event indulging and lively. Also,information concerning the preventive measures and the effects ofcancer on society can be included in the brochures. Individuals thatparticipate in these forums will be educated and equipped withknowledge that they can share with the public that is deemednecessary in reducing the adverse effects of cancer.

Theeducation provided to the people can be regarding the common causesand preventive measures of breast cancer. For instance, some of theleading causes of breast cancer are cosmetics implants, genetics,radiation exposure, alcohol consumption and obesity among others. Itis crucial for the public to understand this so that they can shunfrom the activities that can lead to breast cancer and reduce thechances of getting cancer.

Knowingthese causes also makes the public alert about any suspicious causesof cancer so that they can avoid them if possible. Besides, suchsessions should involve the appropriate preventive measures so thatthe people can exercise them to avoid being victims of cancer(DeSantis, et al. 2014). Typically, the purpose of the education isto make the public aware of the impact that breast cancer has had inour community and help us protect ourselves from this ailment.

Waysin which Breast Cancer affects Family, Friends, and Community

Thereare various reasons why we should take breast cancer seriously thisis due to the negative impacts associated with breast cancerpatients. For instance, breast cancer limits movement freedom of thepatients as they cannot complete their duties. Also, once a familyhas its member affected with breast cancer, they have to spend muchtime caring for the patient. In turn, this will affect their dailychores and other crucial activities that they have to attend to,which might affect their income.

Also,breast cancer also affects the development of the society bydisturbing the relationship that existed among the members of thecommunity. It is crucial to know that cancer affects the social lifeof the patients since they are not able to participate in the eventsthat they use to. It implies that the role that they used to play inthe society is going to be void. Therefore, the community is likelyto experience stunted growth for a while since the patient cannotprovide services as they used to. Also, breast cancer affects therelationship of the patients with their friends and family. Thus,some of the members may be left lonely. Due to cancer, they will alsohave little time to spend with their friends thus affecting theirsocial life significantly.

Breastcancer also has adverse effects on the family since the patient’srelationship with other family members is substantially affected. Forinstance, if the parent is the affected individual, then they willhave little time to interact with their children and partner. In suchcases, the provision of emotional and basic needs to the childrenmight deteriorate if the parent is significantly affected by thestate that they can’t complete their daily chores. Thus, theycannot meet the needs of their families. Also, due to breast cancer,there is a possibility that a void might be left within the familyafter the death of the diseased. It might be difficult for the otherfamily members to adjust in such situations due to the closerelationship that existed. As a result of the frustration, the familymembers might be depressed to the extent that they will lose hopes inlife. The consequence of this is poverty in the society. It isevident that poverty has adverse effects on the community. Some ofthe effects include involvement in negative behaviors such as drugabuse and prostitution. Therefore, it is crucial to know theconsequences, so that the community can shun from any activities thatmight lead to breast cancer.


Insummary, it is vital that we should understand the potential adverseeffects and the ultimate likely death of the patient. Therefore, itis important for every individual to be vigilant to any activitiesthat are likely to lead to the development of breast cancer. It isbecause breast cancer not only affects the patient but also itaffects the family, friends, and community in terms of time wastageand expenses for the treatment of cancer. The public should be awareof some of the leading causes of cancer and some of the appropriatepreventive measure for them to prevent the tumor. Through the methodsmentioned in the discussion above, it is possible to make the publicaware of breast cancer, some of the major causes and the appropriatepreventive ways. Also, it is important to demonstrate the impacts ofthe cancer so that the public can understand why it is crucial toprevent it.


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