Joyce Nelson Biography essay



JoyceNelson is a renowned book critique and also the author of five majorbooks. She was born in Minnesota and in her youth years, she taughtin a local high school where she developed an interest in medialiteracy. Later on, Joyce joined the Arizona State University for agraduate degree in media studies and took a course at the AmericanFilm Institute in California. Her involvement with media leaned moretowards investigative journalism and thus the contributions she hasmade in her newsletter and other magazines such as the CanadianDimension and Canadian Forum among others. Some of the well-knownbooks she has written include The Sultans of Sleaze: Public Relationsand the Media, Seeing in the Dark and The Perfect Machine: TV in theNuclear Age.

TheTemple of Fashion

Inher Essay “The Temple of Fashion”, Joyce Nelson takes us throughthe contemporary aspects that surround the decisions people make whenbuying or acquiring items for use. She talks about the wayadvertisement has gone so far as to use slogans that enchant thepotential consumers of certain brands. She also purposefully delvesinto the world of fashion and describes how various brands have beenadvertised, relating to superior things as well as being displayed ina manner that arouses the need to acquire them. For instance, the useof mannequins in clothing displays is created in the most appealingway that impresses and develops an image of anatomical perfection. Byintegrating this phenomenon with religion, the real picture ofbusiness is illuminated. Furthermore, the source of these highlyconsidered displays is as a result of exploitation and underpaidworkers. Unknowingly, the population engages in the “worship” ofthese items, convinced by the advertisements and real-life imitationsto the extent that most will try by all necessary means to possesssuch.