Journal reflection essay




Thereare several ethical issues in nursing. Additionally, there areseveral approaches and decision-making models that can be used toresolve ethical conflicts and dilemmas. In the article “An EthicalPerspective Value, Be Do: Guidelines for Resolving EthicalConflicts” Cameron (2000) outlines the reason why ethicaldecision-making models should be used in resolving ethical conflicts.According to Cameron, some of the models that can be used to resolveethical dilemmas are principlism, ethical caring, and virtue ethics. The “Value, Be, Do” model answers the questions “What should Ivalue?” “What should I be?” and “What should I do?” Thiscan be useful in resolving ethical dilemmas.

Inanother article, “Nursing Students’ Experience of EthicalProblems and Use of Ethical Decision-Making Models”, Cameron (2001)established that all students experience ethical conflicts andproblems during their nursing practice. The majority of the students,85 percent, reported that the use of ethical decision-making modelhad positive impacts on the resolution of ethical problem. Therefore,the effectiveness of nursing education, especially on ethicaldilemmas and decision-making models, will adequately prepare nursesfor the challenges associated with the professional. The modelsprovide essential philosophical foundations that enable nurses todeal with ethical conflicts and dilemmas.

Inthe article, “Older Persons’ Ethical Problems Involving TheirHealth” Cameron (2002) established that the aging population hashuge implications on the ethical conflicts and dilemmas in nursingpractice. This is mainly because of the major ethical issues thatrelate to elderly health care. Some of these issues include the“quality of life and spirituality, ethical listening and gooddeath” (Cameron, 2002). There is a need to incorporate theseaspects in the decision-making models.


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