Journal on the Importance of Reading Aloud to Small Children essay

I am a Spanish-speaking teacher-student. As a teacher-student, my cooperative teacher has told me the importance of reading aloud to small children with correct American English pronunciation. I took the task of reading aloud to small children with correct American English diction in a positive light; for I knew it would prove beneficial not just to the little children but also to me and my being an effective teacher. I’ve learned that teachers have read aloud to young children for centuries.

Studies showed that time spent reading aloud was valuable to them for it develops in them a positive attitude toward books as a source of pleasure and information. Not only that, reading aloud to the little darlings also helps increase their vocabulary; and it expands the child’s knowledge base. When I was a little girl, I would remember story time with my parents and the stories they told me stimulated my imagination; it sharpened my observation skills; and it enhanced my listening skills.

My cooperative teacher added that reading aloud promotes self-confidence and self-esteem; offers many new friends since book characters can become quite real to children; it contributes to the child’s problem-solving skills; it satisfies and heightens their curiosity; and it encourages positive social interaction among them. It gives teachers like me much fulfillment to watch little children listen to a story, then capture the book itself to look at again and again.

I experience joy when at times the children would memorize the story and share it with their friends. And there is satisfaction also knowing that at times the little children I’ve read to would even sleep with the book. In addition to these joys and realizations, I’ve also benefited from reading aloud tasks for it has helped enhance my diction and build my self-confidence using the English language. Practice does make perfect.

The interaction and the contribution I made to develop and improve the children’s literacy skills – including mine, was indeed a bonus – since children listen on a higher level than they read, listening to other readers has stimulated growth and understanding of vocabulary and language patterns. I’m thankful that my cooperative teacher has enlightened me about reading aloud, and also for giving me such a task from which to develop and learn from.