Journal Critique essay



JournalArticle Critique: 3 July 2013.

Author:Yanika Kowitlawakul.

Topic:From novice to expert: Sharing professional development experience indifferent practice settings.

Journalname: Singapore Nursing Journal 40 (3), p 43

Kowitlawakul(2013) in his article examines the lifelong process in thedevelopment of nursing professionals through a continuous education.This, therefore, enables transition from a novice to a competentprofessional. The title rightly fits the article as indicated in thejournal abstract. The main purpose of this article is to explore thenursing professional development through active participation in thelearning activities. Consequently, this helps in maintaining theircontinuing competence with an aim of enhancing professional practiceand successful career development.

Throughhis personal experience, alongside literature review of the works ofother authors cited, Kowitlawakul (2013) presents his factsconsistently with regards to professional development. The authornarrates the way he started his career from a bed side nurse in theintensive care unit and rose to the ranks of an academician innursing. The discussion presented is relevant to the article as theauthor focuses his article to critical aspects that he believes arekey to professional development and successful career. This impliesthe learning needs of an individual and the support offered by theorganization.

Inhis research, the author appears presents literature that is relevantand consistent with his ideas thereby providing a strong argument inhis study. However, he seems to have overemphasized his ideas basedon personal experience something that cannot be linear inapplication by others. In my opinion, the research would be better ifthe author removed the part that emphasizes his personal experienceand background. Otherwise, the rest of the article is precise, clear,and concise with the underlying assumption being that careerdevelopment is a progressive process. The author remains objective inhis article with consistent and coherent presentation of facts. Frommy perspective, the article is well researched and objectivelyarticulated given the topic studied.


Kowitlawakul,Y. (2013). From novice to expert: Sharing professional developmentexperience in different practice settings. SingaporeNursing Journal 40(3), 43.