Journal essay


Inthe planning and performing of care to the seventy-year-old patientnamed A.M suffering from dementia, there was the incorporation of thepillars of communication, caring, critical thinking, holism, andprofessionalism. All these are essential in the proper development ofplans and projects.

Communicationis based on the effectiveness of sending and receiving information.It requires the disseminator, the message, the recipient, and thefeedback. In the implementation of the plan of care, communicationwas upheld as knowledge and education concerning dementia, comprisingthe procedures to diagnose it, and the care provided to thoseaffected was given. Caring is an interactive procedure thatnecessitates emotional commitment together with the readiness tosatisfy responsibilities, and be trustworthy to act on a patient’sbehalf(Black &amp Chitty, 2014).The implementation process for A.M’s health plan was full of caringbecause she got close attention, for example, by persuading her totake stimulants of appetite. She had her decayed tooth removed tohelp check her hemoglobin indicating sufficient care.

Criticalthinking entails the provision of excellent patient care. It is ahigh thinking method, which adds the skills, knowledge, and attitudesin nursing to combine nursing processes with the solving of problems.The implementation and evaluation of the health plan had a high levelof critical thinking in choosing to put the patient onrehabilitation, and under surveillance by well-trained individuals(Potter, 2011).Professionalism in nursing requires integrity, which refers to thewholeness of character, and is mainly the concern of each nurse.Integrity requires to tell the truth, and to know that it is theright of a patient to have knowledge of their state. In caring forA.M, professionalism was sustained because her state of appetite,tooth and hemoglobin level, and the financial requirements were madeavailable to her and the family. Holistic Nursing is the science andart of taking care of the whole person(Balzer-Riley, 2012).It aims to work with people in all their phases of life. The projectinvolved holistic nursing because it took care of A.M emotionally,ensured her health was maintained, her appetite was checked, and wassocially supported as well.


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