John K. J. essay


JohnK. J.


AlloysMetal Works,

P745 Estates.

19thMay 2016


TechnicalSales Manager,

STLElectrical Appliances,



DearMr. Smith

Wehave encountered a major fault in 50HP WVC 225415WV electricmotor bought from your company on 16th May 2016 andinstalled by your technicians on 17th May 2016 at our mainfacility hydraulic system. Since last evening, the motor has not beenworking properly. Our technicians have concluded that the electricMotor is faulty and the facility has been closed until the problem isrectified.

Iam dissatisfied with your services because this is not the first timewe have experienced this problem with your appliances. Last month,your faulty PLC installed in our oven control system almost caused adisaster. You also supplied two faulty electric motors early thisyear. I have attached previous communications addressing similarproblems. You committed yourself to resolving this issue to avoidsimilar incidences but this has happened again resulting into morethan 10 hours shutdown by today morning.

Dueto the importance of the hydraulic systems in our operations, we havebeen forced to close down the factory. We are incurring huge lossesdue to loss of production hours, and production delays. I request thefollowing:

  1. You immediately dispatch a team of technicians to our factory to access the problem.

  2. Arrange for a replacement of the electric motor as soon as possible in order to resume production.

  3. Organize a meeting with our management and technical teams to discuss corrective and preventive plans. Involve you technical team also.

Kindlycall me immediately to confirm that you have received my request andfor further clarification. Treat this as a very urgent matter. Mytechnical manager has already called his contact person with similarrequests.

Kindlyexpedite the matter.


JohnK. J.