Joey’s job essay

Joey’s job search starts off with his visit to Alcalde Stone and Title Inc. on May 23, 2007, but ends in vain since the company was not hiring at that time. On 28th of the same month, he visited an adobe factory and felt quite comfortable with work environment since it was peaceful. Unfortunately, they were not looking for new employees as well. He pays a visit to Espanola Pizza Hut on the 5th of June, only to find that too were not looking for new hires. Joey goes to NMOP on June 13 to apply for a job, but comes to know that were not hiring.

On the same day, Joey visits Lowes and successfully manages to fill out a job application there. Six days later, he goes to Super Save to continue his job hunt. Although they did not require any new employees at that time, Joey was asked to fill out an application form for future job openings. On June 26, he pays a visit to Henry Valencia hoping to find a job, but learn that they are full staffed. Joey continues his job search by visiting a laundry shop called E-Z laundry on July.

He learns that the business is weak and hence the employer is not looking for new employees. He goes to US Cable the same day, but does not find a suitable job since they were hiring only technicians then. On July 11, he visits Hallmark greeting gallery, but finds out that the greeting card business usually picks up in the Holiday season, which is when he could find a job there. Five days later, he visits Rancho De Chimayo in hopes of finding a job, but is again turned down since the company was not looking to hire new candidates.

On July 24, Joey visits Chavez auto body shop and speaks to the owner of the shop who tells him that he will definitely consider Joey when there is a job vacancy. Joey decides to apply for Dairy Queen on August 14 and visits the facility in person, only to find that they were not hiring new employees. He also goes to Cooks home center on the same day and fills out yet another job application, even though they did not have any job openings. On September 10, he applies at Hacienda and decides to follow after sometime.

Joey goes to Oasis Coffee shop on October 9, but is requested to follow up in 3 months time due to unavailability of a suitable job. On 25th of the same month, he fills out another job application at Sonic. Visiting different employers and filling out job applications has helped Joey to understand analyze his abilities and interests; it has also helped him learn about the basic working of different industries and requirements of various job positions there.