Job Satisfaction essay

The general manager had served as a full time employee atMargaritaville Hollywood Beach restaurant. In addition, he has overfour years experience as a restaurant attendant. He worked atMargaritaville Chicago prior relocating to the Hollywood beach.Having spent much time in the Restaurant and food services field, hehas vast knowledge in the operation of a restaurant. The manager wasasked a series of question that were used to evaluate the employeecondition in Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Restaurant.

Firstquestion the general manager was asked: why did you leave? Heexplained that after evaluating the working conditions at Hollywoodbeach, he didn’t see any potential of continuing his work. Therewere long working hours and no incentives were provided(Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, 2015).

Secondquestion he was asked: do you believe you were properly trained? Hereplied that he did not receive proper training. He felt like he wasthrown into the fire to burn.

Thethird question the manager was asked: do you believe that employeeswere properly trained? The manager explained that the current ownersdid not maintain their employees to the recommended standard.Employees did not receive proper training.

Howmany hours did you have to work? Did you have overtime? The managerexplained that he worked for about forty hours and he had overtime.

Theother query the manager was asked: when you left work were youstressed out? He replied that he did not experience stress in fact,he felt relieved a big burden. He elaborated that the long workinghours at Hollywood Beach and unfair compensation stressed him.

Howdifferent were the locations you worked at prior to the Hollywoodbeach restaurant? The manager replied that other locations were morefriendly compared to Hollywood beach restaurant. Other locationscherished the employees and maintained high standards.

Wereyou understaffed due to a lot of customers? He responded that theywere understaffed due to extended hiring process that new employeespartake one to two months before they can start training. Theemployees were not understaffed due to the number of customers butdue to the hiring process, budget cuts and employees leaving.

The nextquestion: did you have enough budgeting for employees? He stated thatthe budgeting was not enough. This translated to poor compensation atthe Hollywood beach restaurant (Ivancevich et al., 2014). TheIchiban buffet prioritized the needs of the employees through properbudgeting.

Theother question the manager was asked: do employees have a flexibleschedule? The manager replied that Margaritaville Hollywood Beach hada tightly flexible schedule that accommodated every employee.

Thenext question he was asked: are there incentives or bonuses foremployees? He replied that Margaritaville Hollywood beach did notoffer any form of incentives to high performing employees (Ivancevichet al., 2014).

Doyou believe your compensation was fair compared to the amount of timeyou worked? He explained that his compensation was not fair at allcompared to the workload he carried out. He worked for about 40 hoursand he did not receive any bonuses on overtime.

Theother question: in terms of the organization and structure, whatwould you do about the Hollywood Beach restaurant? I would improve onthe training programs and also develop incentives for high performingemployees. Performance is improved through motivation (MargaritavilleHollywood Beach Resort, 2015). This organizational reform wouldassist the Hollywood Beach restaurant a great deal.

Doyou believe the communication between employees and managers wasclear? The manager explained that the communication channel was veryeffective.

Thenext question he was asked: is there an exit interview for why peopleare leaving? He replied that no interviews had earlier on beencarried out.

Theother question the manager was asked: do you feel employee morale isdown? He explained that definitely the morale of the employees wasdown due to lack of motivation.

Thenext question the manager was asked: do the employees seem exhausted?He replied that the employees were absolutely exhausted due to thelong working hours.

Theother question the manager was asked: does the server’s attitudechange towards customers once they are tired? He replied thatattitude is emotional and it completely changes when the employeesare exhausted.

Themanager concluded that the working environment at MargaritavilleHollywood Beach restaurant was of poor standards (Zopiatis&ampOrphanides, 2009). The working condition at Hollywood made him quit.In conclusion, data collected from the manager will contribute to myresearch on the turnover rates.


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