Job Analysis of a Hotel Receptionist essay

JobAnalysis of a Hotel Receptionist

Conductinga job analysis is an intricate undertaking that requirescautiousness. Depending on the kind of work, different qualities areneeded to carry out work. The paper will look at the job requirementsof a receptionist in the hotel industry. The position holds a vitalrole in managing the customers of a given hotel. The paper will alsoelaborate on how this particular job fits in with the rest of thecompany.

Whenconducting a job analysis, different techniques are used in thecollection of data. The commonest methods include observation,questionnaire, interview, and diary. Under observation, informationis obtained as an employee is at work. An analyst carefully observesand records what the employee does, how he/she does it, and how muchtime is taken to complete a given task. It requires a highly skilledanalyst since some aspects are hard to observe. However, it is one ofthe most reliable mechanism for collecting firsthand information. Useof a questionnaire is another technique. It is most suitable,particularly when the number of people performing the same job islarge. The employee is given a questionnaire to fill after whichhe/she forwards it to the supervisor. The supervisor thencounterchecks to make the necessary alterations before handing it tothe job analyst. Though this method is time-saving, it is notentirely accurate since it depends on the employees’ motivation tofill the form. He/she may leave out some important informationregarding the job. Another common method is through interviews. Ananalyst directly interviews the employee to elicit data about thejob. Though it is time-consuming, a job holder gets to extractsubstantial information from the employee.

Inanalyzing the receptionist job, this paper will utilize the interviewmethod. Apart from it being accurate, it gives the assessor anopportunity to relate with the employee. A receptionist is a workerwho is tasked with administrative support. Most hotels such asHilton, Hyatt Regency, and The Midtown Hotel employ them to improvetheir front office services. Receptionists are mainly suited forcompanies related to the hotel industry. The job title completelyfits the task accorded. It describes the function of this employeewhich is to receive guests. Apart from the hotel receptionists, othercompanies like train and bus companies have theirs. As per the salarystructure, hotel receptionists in Hilton U.K. are paid an average of£15,488 per year. It ranges from £12,131 to £20,685 in a year. Thefigures are almost similar to waiters/waitress and food &ampbeverage attendants. A waiter in Hilton U.K earns around £6.26 perhour. Depending on the number of hours plus other benefits, they earnaround £8,771 to £18,501 per year. A food and beverage attendantearns roughly £10,556 to £14,761 per year. Most of these workersare young and do not stay in the industry for more than ten years.Within the United States, a hotel receptionist receives an average of$9.86 per hour. The total pay ranges from $16,314 to $32,466annually. The hotel receptionists have almost similar salary scaleacross many hotels depending on the classification i.e. 5-star,3-star among others.

Knowledge,Skills, and Abilities for a Hotel Receptionist

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Multitasking ability

  • Appropriate crisis management skills

  • Good knowledge of customer service

He/shemust be friendly. Most of the time, the task involves meeting newpeople, helping them out, making them feel comfortable, and deal withtheir requests among other activities. For one to manage all theseaspects, he/she must have a friendly attitude. It is also suitablethat receptionists be acclimatized to more than one internationallanguage. For instance, if the hotel is based in the U.S., theemployee should have knowledge of other languages apart from Englishsuch as French, Spanish, and Portuguese among others. It helps out inaddressing different types of customers coming to the hotel. A workermust also have knowledge about the hotel without any hitches topresent a good image. They should be smartly and neatly dressedalways.


  • Greeting and receiving guests in a warm manner while attending to their inquiries

  • Informing the guests of the different services being offered as well as the rates

  • Keeping perfect and comprehensive records of the rooms and billing to ensure accountability

  • Arranging the front desk in an orderly manner

  • Build good relations with the guests to make them comfortable

  • Report any maintenance issue


  • Computer entry requiring dexterity

  • Bending and lifting up to 50 pounds

  • Sitting for long periods

  • Good hearing since it involves appointments over the phone