Job Analysis Description essay


JobAnalysis: Description

JobAnalysis: Description

Jobanalysis is described as a step to step specification of requirementposition of employment, procedures and functions. Many HRM practicescannot thrive well into competitive advantage unless they aregrounded on viable job analysis


Jobanalysis is aimed to institute and document the relatedness of thejob based on the employment processes of employment such ascompensation and performance appraisal. It is purposed to determinethe training needs to identify the training content, equipment to beused, assessment test and methods of training. Also, job analysis canbe used in compensation to establish compensable job factors, skilllevel, responsibilities, work environment, required educationalattainment, and education. Job analysis is employed in a selectionprocedure to develop or establish the job tasks to be incorporated inthe minimum requirements and vacant position for those being hired,selection instruments/tests and interview questions (Armstrong&amp Taylor, 2014).It can also be used in performance review to develop evaluationcriteria, performance standard, objectives and goals and duties to beevaluated

KeyPoints about Job Analysis

HeadingInformation: Jobtitle, reporting relationship, pay range or grades, likelihood ofovertime and shifts or hours are inclusive in the job analysis

Objectives: Generaldescriptions and responsibilities of the key tasks and purposes,their connectedness with coworkers, customers, and others

SpecialDemands: Includesextraordinary conditions that applicable to the job

Qualifications:Itidentifies the experience, education, technical skills and trainingneeded for this job.

Jobresponsibilities and duties: Itidentifies the tasks and list what needs to be performed and attained

JobDescription: HR Manager

Themarketing manager takes the responsibility for the overall managementbased on marketing. The following specifications were determined andderived from description of the job as imperative to the success ofthe HR manager


Asuccessful candidate in marketing director`s position should possessthe following qualifications

  • Ten years experience in managerial position in marketing considerably in two similar industries

  • Experience managing and supervising a professional staff of seven or more people


  • Masters degree in marketing or business related

  • Bachelor`s degree in marketing or related field

Skills,Characteristics, and Knowledge

  • Highly demonstrated teamwork skills.

  • Strong communication skills

  • Demonstrates the capacity to coordinate a team of different workers.

  • Creative

  • Ability to increase the productivity of the organization and improve approaches, methods and customer focused product outreach and development

  • Expert in social media and internet strategy with a record

  • Active in holding conversation with clients

  • Capacity to lead

  • Skills and familiarity with tools of trade in marketing inclusive of written communication, PR, market research, website development, Microsoft software, product packaging, and communication services

  • Experience in global marketplace is an added advantage

EssentialJob Functions

  • Managing distribution of the product

  • Overall marketing execution and strategy of plans

  • Research and development

  • Managing distribution channels

  • Ensure efficient communication in brand marketing including print communication, website, and advertising


Ajob analysis is a thorough evaluation of job knowledge, duties,abilities, skills and personal characteristics. In this study, wediscussed on the job description of a marketing manager. Themarketing manager takes the responsibility for the overall managementbased on marketing (Prien, Goodstein, &amp Gamble, 2009). Jobanalysis ensures workforce planning for various job titles. Itprovides succession planning now and in future. Job analysis is usedin training procedures on the findings inherent in job analysis. Jobanalysis also encourages employee`s development


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