Jesus’ last 36 Hours essay

Jesus knew the moment, His appointed time to suffer and die on the cross to save man, was near. At supper, the last He was to have with His disciples, He washed their feet. He explained to them that to be a part of Him, they had to be cleansed. Jesus foretold of events to come like the betrayal of Judas Iscariot and the denial by Simon Peter. He instructed the apostles to love one another as He had loved them. He asked them to follow the example that He had set and to do the same to their fellow men.

Jesus promised the disciples that He will come for them to join Him. Jesus compared himself to a vine, the Father to a vine grower and the apostles to branches of the vine. He assured them that for as long they were with the vine, they would bear fruit and the vine grower would not have to cut them off. Jesus called His disciples as friends and not His servants anymore, for they had come to know the Master. They had become His chosen ones.

He promised the Spirit will come down upon them to help them with their ministries. Jesus prayed to the Father, offered His agony and death, for the sins of man. Jesus was taken by the soldiers and brought to Caiaphas. Peter denied Him 3 times and a cock crowed. Pilate found Jesus without sin, but gave in to the Jews’ clamor to crucify Jesus. Jesus bore the cross, where he will be crucified on, around the City of Golgotha. The soldiers stripped Him of his garments and divided the garments among themselves.

By His cross were His mother and her sister, Mary Magdalene and the apostle John, to whom He entrusted His mother. Jesus thirsted and the soldiers gave Him bitter wine. He looked up to the Father, His suffering ended, He died on the cross. The last 36 hours of Jesus was spent on reminders, assurances, prayers and agony to save man and bring them back to the Father.

References Grogan, P. (1999). Christian Community Bible. 27th ed. John 13-19.