Jesus Christ and His Mission essay

Jesus Christ is a man who once lived on earth, about 2000 years ago. He was sent by God to save the people. Jesus’ birth was predicted by John, born to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a friend of Mary, Jesus’ mother. The stories of these predictions can be found in the beginning of Luke, chapter 1. Once Jesus was born, it quickly became obvious that he was no ordinary baby. People called him the Messiah and came from miles around to pay homage to him.

Herrod, the current king, was very threatened by this new baby, whom everyone said would become the king (Matthew 1:18 to 2:23). Jesus performed many miracles will on earth. He cured lepers (Matt. 8:1 – 3), made blind men see, healed the sick, raised the dead. He also spoke frequently in parables; for example, the parable of the seed (Matt. 13:3 – 9). In the end, Jesus was betrayed, and he was crucified. Three days later, on what is now Easter, Jesus rose from the dead, and later ascended into heaven.

All of these miracles were predicted before Jesus even lived; he predicted his own betrayal and death (Matt. ). Jesus came to earth in order to teach lessons about loving God and following his teachings. He reinforced the Ten Commandments, he taught the Beatitudes, and he used many parables to show that those who live in God are the only ones who live. He also taught that any who believe in him will have an eternal life in heaven.

Another important point was that all of the people who come last on earth – poor people, children, etc. – will come first in heaven. He spoke often about making oneself “meek,” “lowly,” and “humble,” and he himself practiced these ideals. He spoke also of the “sheep” and “shepherd” metaphor, inviting people to follow his lead. His teachings have led to a multitude of similar religions, all based on self-sacrifice, loving and forgiving others, caring for others, and doing good in the world.

Jesus also taught worship through prayer and praise to God, a tradition that continues today. Jesus’ teachings continue to be a huge influence on the way the world works, even today. His ideas and ideals are pervasive throughout the world, and many people openly worship him. Most also believe that he will come again, as stated in several places in the Bible. Jesus is a timeless person who continues to look down on all people today, and accept believers into heaven for eternal life.


The Bible, Matthew and Luke.