Jazz Music Concert Report essay



JazzMusic Concert Report

OnApril 23, 2016, I attended a Jazz concert in New Orleans popularlyknown as the New Orleans Jazz Fest. The presenters in the concertincluded popular artists such as Maxwell, Pearl Jam, John Hammond,Van Morrison, Boz Scagg and the Bobby Cure Band just to name but a few.

The introduction session of the concert was very captivating. Thefirst artist Pearl Jam, graced the stage with the creative use of asaxophone. Other members of his band used instruments such astrombones, drums, bass and trumpets. All the instruments seemed tobe producing sound independently yet the entire presentation came outas a unified enchanting piece. The rest of the presentations by otherartists were also profoundly emotionally stimulating.

It was my first time to attend a jazz music festival. As result, Idid not have so much expectations concerning the performance.Interestingly enough, I liked it. What I liked most was the emotionthat comes along with listening to Jazz music. I could feel the musicstimulate my inner sensations. In the event that a song that I knewwas played, I got an intense emotional feel of the music as opposedto when it is played without integrating the jazz element.

I took note of the fact that most of the audience had developed aconnection with the performance. However, one aspect that I notedabout Jazz music is that it sometimes takes a very slow tempo whichcan actually lead someone to sleep. I could see some of the audiencealmost sleeping.

I was able to connect some musical concepts and terms that I leantfrom the student guide to the live performance. One example is theconcept of swing which is the most outstanding element in Jazz music. Most of the presentations by all the artists were denoted by theswing component. There was a rising and falling of the rhythm in mostpieces.

Ingeneral, I must confess that I enjoyed the concert. It was a new andinteresting experience.