Jawbone UP essay




Manyindividuals are more concerned with their phones than their health.The particular product eases the manner in which people can watchtheir fitness. The first target includes obese and fat individualsare trying hard to lose weight. People living in luxurious lifestylesand have poor eating habits. The jawbone up tracker will help suchindividuals to lose weight to a suitable level. Utilizers of thegadget are aged between 25 years and above. Between 25-to-45 yearshave a yearly income of $50,000 or more. Capturing the athletes whoare continuously keeping fit.

Thetracker covers the entire country and the globe as a whole.High-class earners are the most likely group that is affected bylifestyle diseases. Low-class earners have the propensity of takingcheaper meals that are associated with diseases if consumed in largequantities. The media to be used include newspapers, magazines andany platform that is accessible by the entire population. The gadgetwill be utilized by mountain climbers as well as athletes (Moore,2016).

Timingand scheduling depend on the workout type of the client. By logginginto activity tracking, a customer can view his/her busy time as itreflects how much one has moved. It also gives a precise reading ofthe calorie burn. Timing and scheduling elaborate some caloriesconsumed while undertaking an activity. Understanding how an activityincreases the level of calories consumed over the BMR is an efficientway of managing weight. Identifying the best time when one needs towake up Smart alarm ensures one is feeling refreshed as he/she startsthe day. Media continuity is well suited to jawbone functionalitiessince it works as a reminder, covers the entire cycle of purchase,and cost effective regarding significant media discounts.

Thetracker ranges from $49.99 to $149.99. The UPmove at $49.9, UP2 at$99.99, UP3 at $129.99 and UP4 at $149.99. The prices depend on thefeatures of the gadget. Some features are shared by all the trackers.The UP4 has more features and is suitable for all kind of clients.The objective is to avail all the trackers as per the customerpreferences within the budget.


Themixed strategy to be utilized involves media dispersion technique. Itentails using different media types i.e. newspapers, the internet,radio, and television to reach greater markets. The tracker will beadvertised through the various media to reach a variety of customers.A strong approach will not reach all the targeted customers sincesome do not utilize them. For instance, not all the customers areconversant with internet usage.

Thetracker will be marketed at national levels as well as selectedmarkets. It is a combination of spot and national approach. Branddevelopment index will determine the concentration of sales. Butsince they are meant to cover across the nation, utilizing a regionalapproach to sales will be beneficial. The level of reach is alsoquite high hence requires multiple media vehicles. The trackers arequite efficient especially in this current world where numerousdiseases pertaining lifestyle affect people (Zanby, 2010).

Thescheduling criterion will utilize the continuity technique. In thistype, the trackers are advertised continually and evenly across allthe months. If the yearly budget is $2,400,000 annually, continuitymechanism will allocate $200,000 per month. The trackers will beadvertised steadily across all the months achieving immense exposure.


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