Islamic Art evolution essay

Islamic art might be a complicated kind of civilization especially to an outsider. A person who would want to fully understand more than the seemingly outer beauty of Islamic art to the details of the rich origins and cultural ways, which mark the start of this art, may need to look at architecture first. Architecture is perhaps the most commonly form of art within the Islamic art and also the oldest. Domes have an important role in the architecture art and at the end of 19th century the Islamic domes were incorporated to the western architecture, something that marked an important period in the Islamic civilization.

Calligraphy is another important factor in Islamic Art; this one has a strong association with the holy book ‘Quran’ and is therefore a very noble cause. This particular one that has most beautiful writings is extended to all other Islamic arts such as:- writing of inscriptions on palaces, writing manuscripts, it is also applied to stone works, pottery, glass work and on metal works. It also had influence on other people who were within the Islamic commonwealth even though their languages were not Arabic such as the Turkish and Urdu communities.

Another factor within the Islamic art is the characteristic of covering of surfaces with patterns of vegetal ornaments; this brings out the continuous repetition of the pattern something some of the Islamic people use to tune their minds to the true nature of God as infinite or endless. Figural imagery was also widely used in Islamic art. This was applicable to all other area apart from the religious monuments so that these images are not mistaken for idols something forbidden by the Islamic holy book ‘Quran’.