Is America still a Superpower? essay

IsAmerica still a Superpower?

Strongin its politics, military capabilities, economy and culturalinfluence around the world, America still holds the title of theworld’s superpower. History teaches that this came to be in 1898when the nation aided Cuba in attaining its independence from Spain.After the signing of the Treaty of Paris, it became a colonial poweroverseas in the Philippines, Island of Guam and Puerto Rico.

America’smilitary ranks as one of the most advanced in the world. It utilizesavant-garde technological resources, such as drones, that can launchair attacks anywhere without involving ground troops. In addition,America has the highest number of military bases around the world.The government spends an estimated $600 billion, in a year, onmilitary activities. The amount is exorbitant compared to the armedforces spending of countries such as China and Russia. Even thoughU.S.A is third to China and the European Union in its GDP, it stillmaintains a strong economic presence in the world. For instance, mostof the market transactions around the world are conducted using theUS dollar. Additionally, hordes of people are moving to the UnitedStates for higher education or jobs and by doing so, they contributeto the country’s economy.

Inthe recent years, however, U.S.A’s influence and dominance on theglobe has been gradually subsiding. One argument that supports thisnotion is the war in Iraq that is viewed as a failure. The warincreased terrorist activities in the Middle East, and was veryexpensive to the nation, therefore, leading to an inflated nationaldebt. Countries such as China, Brazil, and Turkey among others aremaking huge strides economically and in military strength. On thecontrary, U.S.A is still recovering from its financial collapse in2008. Another argument is that U.S.A has strived to protect andpreserve human rights, but it violated its principles when it usedtorture on suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay.

Chinahas been predicted to be the most likely successor of U.S.A as thesuperpower. The rationale for this is that most countries are turningto the East for business and economic support. Although China lacksin military strength, and it is struggling with soil, air and waterpollution, it might overcome these hurdles through its rapidlygrowing economy.

Inconclusion, America is still the world’s superpower. Nonetheless,its culture and luster have maintained it in the position is quicklyfading away. The continued engagement in war has fleeced its economydry, as can be proven by the increased national debt. On the otherhand, China’s economy is rising as a result of a steadily growingbusiness environment. The downward trend of the U.S.A makes thecountry vulnerable to losing its position as a superpower. In caseU.S becomes involved in another war, for instance with Iran, it willlose its position as a superpower automatically.