Iraq vs Vietnam War essay

other conflict since 1975. It is claimed that the outcome in Iraq war had dramatic impact n the foreign policy of the country and will alter also geographical future of the Middle East. Nevertheless, speaking about Iraq, George Bus notes that the country has to stay the course because national security of America and its interests are at stake. Apparently, strategies and operations in Iraq and Vietnam differ dramatically. Firstly, Vietnam wad dwarfs the war in Iraq.

Secondly, Iraq started as conventional invasion and that turned out to be a guerrilla war, whereas Vietnam started as insurgency and then was converted into conventional war. The insurgencies and strategies shared little in common. Finally, little support was offered for the insurgents outside the Middle East, whereas in Vietnam NLF (Vietnam’s National Liberation Front) won sympathy among people in many countries and in the United States as well. Nevertheless, several similarities exist among wars.

Firstly, the original rationale in Iraq and Vietnam for breaking the war has been discredited. Then, the new justification became building stable societies. Finally, the public support for war declined and in such a way limited future initiatives of foreign policy in America and Vietnam. However, it is suggested that the problem of Bush in Iraq was the same as Johnson’s problem in Vietnam. Actually, substantial support was given to the effort as military troops were sent in, though support declined when the war continued.

Similar in Vietnam, it was showed that the majority of people supported Johnson’s policy to send military troops and to provide them with offensive missions. People are tired of seeing and discussing the daily attacks and death of soldiers and many people start thinking that the country repeats the same mistakes as in Vietnam and that history repeats itself. If to consider facts more attentively, it is apparent that events in Vietnam don’t reflect those in Iraq.

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