IPCO Class Review essay

Taking a class in interpersonal communications has benefitted me in many ways. I have learned to identify different kinds of communication such as verbal, nonverbal, and intrapersonal. I have learned to notice different things about the people with whom I am speaking; for example, if someone has their arms crossed while we’re talking, they may not feel that comfortable disclosing certain types of information to me; they are guarded. I have also learned things about myself such as my defensive patterns and how I’ve made mistakes in communicating with others that can or have interfered with the message I was trying to convey.

I also recognize signs of external noise that can affect my ability to understand what is being communicated to me. I have learned how to communicate in front of a group, which was something I was not looking forward to. This class has taught me how to handle speaking in front of groups by first of all being prepared, analyzing my audience, and giving me some experience with this task. Overall, interpersonal communications is a class that benefits all students.

It helps to learn organizational and research skills as well as vital communication skills that apply not only to college, but to everyday life and in the job place.