Inventing a Robot essay

Life can be very busy and hectic sometimes. Because of this, we all wish we had someone to help us out in times of crisis. Sadly, it is not always possible to find a helping hand. This is why it will be good news to all when I unveil my new invention, an invention that can make everyone’s life a lot easier. I have invented something that all of you will find to be a very good addition to you family. If you are wondering what it is that I have invented, it is something that you may never have expected to see outside of a science-fiction film: a robot.

No, my robot is not a “bad guy” who will go wild and try to take over the city like the crazy robots in many of those science fiction films; it has a much better purpose: it will make you life and your family’s life much, much easier. In a way, this robot is a combination household helper and new member of the family. The robot is designed to take over a number of tasks such as cleaning the house, repairing items in the house and even being able to help or tutor kids with their homework.

While some may ask why we should not do all this work ourselves, the reason is that sometimes we get very busy and fall behind. With the help of the robot, we will no longer need to have to worry about finding someone to help us out on short notice because the robot will be there to cut us all a break! The robot will not be an expensive product so it will be affordable to all who need to take advantage of it. Furthermore, the robot will be designed to be environmentally friends and will not contribute to any negative effects on the environment. In short, it will be a real good item to have in the house!