A3Assignment (7 pts)

Agentsof Evolution

Labeleach of the following as an example of either (a) genetic drift, (b)the founder effect, (c) a bottleneck, or (d) natural selection.

__c___A population contains 2% homozygous recessives 80% of these membersare destroyed by a geological disaster

__b___A population contains 3% homozygous recessives 90% of these breaksaway from this main group and establish a separate population

_aNumerous small populations of fruit flies contain only heterozygotes. After many generations of mating, many of these populations containonly homozygous members

___d__Population members, with inheritable variations that are moreadaptive, survive and reproduce at a higher rate

Labeleach of the following examples as describing (a) stabilizingselection, (b) disruptive selection, or (c) directional selection

aFishing regulations in a pond require keeping the bass over 5 poundsand under 1 pound. Weight classes in between are returned to thepond

__b___The darkest sunfish are more likely to be captured by bass in a pond. Light-shaded sunfish blend in with the light-colored bottom of thepond and can escape predation

_cTrapping regulations in a pond require keeping muskrats in the 5-10pound category. Heavier and lighter muskrats must be returned.