Introduction to sociology essay

The spread of cultural traits from one society to another is called cultural diffusion. Since there is no cultural isolation in the past, history provides an account of cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion or simply known as diffusion is used to be an instrument for cultural transformation. In diffusion, cultural trait, material object, ideas or behavioral patterns are spread in other society (Wikimedia Foundation). Cultural diffusion is composed three different forms. Direct diffusion, forced diffusion and indirect diffusion are the three forms.

Direct diffusion is an account for different society with cultures that are much closed to each other. The cultures were diffused in many aspects such as combining their powers in warfare and also practicing fair trade and likewise. Example of direct diffusion happened in United States and Canada when each of their sports, baseball from America and hockey from Canada, evolve in both societies. Forced diffusion as it was named occurred when one society forced the other society to embrace their culture. This mainly happens in different societies that were conquered and forced by their conquerors to practice their cultures.

It was exampled by the spread of Christianity in other nations. It also aided by media such as televisions and internet. Indirect diffusion occurred when two far from each other society were to embrace the culture through the aid of middleman. It happened in Canada when they Mexican food were served in the country no matter how far each other. Always happens when a tourist where to experienced new culture and appreciated it. They even brought it to their society. Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

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