Introduction to Sociology essay

I am (Name) from South Korea. I am applying to this school for admission into college. As a native of South Korea I spent my early formative years there and I speak fluent Korean. However, when I was in middle school my family moved to China and I was compelled to study there. As a result I am fluent in Chinese as well as Korean. Business considerations made my family migrate to New Zealand. There I was exposed to the unique culture of the Kiwis and had quite the good time. It was also there that I was first exposed to the English language.

After all, my previous languages, Korean and Chinese, were of no use there. The Kiwis spoke U. K. English or Maori. Although it was not easy at first I learned to speak good English. As fate would have it, my family moved to the U. S. next. Since our move here I have completed the equivalent of K-12 and I feel it is time to move on. I know that here in the U. S. college is not really required to succeed in life. There are some people I know who get by just fine even without going to college. However, both my background and upbringing dictate against it.

Back home those who do not pursue further studies, college, are a disgrace and are looked down upon as lazy or immature. Also, a college degree opens up many doors and as an immigrant I feel I need every advantage I can get. Therefore, I would really like the opportunity to study at this college. My academic qualifications can speak for themselves. I am imbued with the Asian work ethic that is inside my parents and their parents before them. I am hard working in my studies but I also have time for sports. In fact, I was a varsity soccer player in the high school I came from. Many thanks for your kind consideration.